Worship Services

To join us virtually, view our sanctuary livestream HERE.

Here at Kol Ami, our services allow for a wide expression of Jewish worship — enabling us to deepen our connections to God, to each other and to our individual and communal spirituality. We thrive on fully inclusive, participatory, and inspiring worship experiences. We use both Hebrew and English during our services, and our prayerbook is completely transliterated, so that everyone can feel comfortable praying and following along.

As the needs of our members have changed, so too have our avenues of worship evolved. We hope that among our various offerings you will find an expression that allows you to feel comfortable and spiritually uplifted.

Congregation Kol Ami proudly offers a multi-access Shabbat experience. We invite you to share in Shabbat and festival services in person or from the comfort of your home by viewing our livestream.

Life Cycle Events

From celebrating life’s joyful passages together to supporting each other in times of grief, Congregation Kol Ami clergy facilitate meaningful rites of passage. We welcome new babies with Brit Milah and Brit Bat. B’rit Mitzvah celebrate a child’s affirmation of their Jewish faith as they come of age, or adults seeking to fulfill that same rite of passage. Weddings and conversion are sacred moments in one’s life journey and Congregation Kol Ami is proud to help guide you on your path.

Musical Groups at Services

Music plays a major role in the culture of our congregation and is a key part of every Congregation Kol Ami service. We use both traditional and contemporary melodies, and encourage everyone to join in as fully as they desire. We find great meaning and inspiration in joining our voices in prayer and song.

Congregation Kol Ami services are also occasionally enhanced by our talented adult Choir and enlivened by our various vocal and music ensembles.