Religious School

Congregation Kol Ami Religious School offers Judaica and Hebrew education for students from early education through Grade 12. We strive to empower our students with the knowledge to be active, informed members of the Jewish community. Our program develops Jewish identity, a sense of spirituality and a dedication to tikkun olam, responsibility to our world.

We have an ever-evolving, innovative and relevant curriculum, an excellent and dedicated teaching staff and a supportive congregation committed to lifelong learning. Each grade’s curriculum is unique and appropriate, with academics supplemented by music, art, hands-on programs and library visits. We also provide many opportunities for family education and experiential learning.

We are excited to bring you a year full of Hebrew learning, Judaic expression, and family collaboration. We are a “No Place for Hate” school and we are excited for our students, your children, to be the voice of our school.

Religious School Office: 856-489-0035

Sheri Greenblatt, M. Ed., Director of Education (ext.120)
Jill Moghadam, Director of Youth Engagement & Assistant Religious School Director (ext.115)
Adam E. Roth, MBA, M.Ed., Director of Hebrew High School & Religious School Inclusion Coordinator (ext.152)
Gloria Armstrong, Religious School Weekday Administrative Assistant (ext.110)

Linda Burkett, Religious School Sunday Administrative Assistant (ext.11)
Stephanie Zinn, Vice President, Education


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Religious School – Sundays, 9:15-11:15 am
Hebrew School – Tuesdays, 4:15-6:15 pm
Hebrew High School – Tuesdays, 6:45-8:15 pm



Your child’s Religious School experience will be even more engaging when they participate in our KAFTY youth groups!



We welcome the youngest members of our family and begin to share Jewish holiday traditions and celebrations.  


We begin to develop a love and excitement for Jewish learning. We explore the basic customs of Jewish holidays and connect them to home experiences. We learn stories from Torah, prayers, and the beginning of conversational Hebrew.  

First Grade

We learn about the symbols, ritual objects, and people in the synagogue, about Israel as the special Jewish homeland. We strengthen our foundation of Hebrew and prayers, learn to identify our patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob) and matriarchs (Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah), and reinforce the link between classroom learning and home experiences.  

Second Grade

We continue to build our knowledge of Torah and its “characters,” from Moses to Esther. We become more familiar with all 32 Hebrew letters, introduce Hebrew vocabulary words, and begin a foundation of Hebrew and prayers. We learn more about the symbols and customs of the holidays.  

Third Grade

We introduce stories of the Torah, of prophets and Talmudic writings to help foster an understanding that these stories have relevance in our modern world. We strive to instill an interest and affection for studying Torah, learning about and relating to Jewish values for daily living. We review Jewish holidays as they occur throughout the year and begin learning more Hebrew using the Alef-Bet Quest learning series.  

Fourth Grade

We become familiar with the rituals and customs of Jewish life-cycle events, instilling a sense that these customs have relevance in our lives and connect us to our traditions, our community and to spirituality.  We reinforce Hebrew prayer learning and fluency. We also introduce the story of Anne Frank in an age-appropriate manner.  

Fifth Grade

We begin to outline the major events of early Jewish history and interpret how these events contributed to the Judaism we practice today. We learn about the lives and contributions of key historical figures, how our history defines us, and develop a deeper understanding of present day Israel. We also expand our foundation of oral Hebrew and prayers.  

Sixth Grade

We further identify and develop an understanding of Jewish values and discuss incorporating them into everyday life. We study the immigration of Jews in America, and our path to becoming an integral, contributing part of American society. We reinforce Hebrew prayer learning and fluency in preparation for our Brit Mitzvah, and create positive Jewish memories and a sense of self as we find ways to help others through various projects within our community.  

Seventh Grade/B’rit Mitzvah Year

This curriculum has been crafted to guide our youngest learners through their B’rit Mitzvah. Dynamic educators and clergy members will each spend several weeks exploring history, examining culture, reviewing prayer practice, introducing new ways of thinking as we apply what it means to be called to the Torah. Coupled with the Family Track program, led by Rabbi Frenkel, which meets once a month on Sunday mornings.  

Confirmation/Hebrew High School

Eighth Grade

We further study the Holocaust, Anti-Semitism and Hitler’s rise to power. We learn the importance of the creation of the State of Israel and implications of what that means today, studying the significance of Righteous Gentiles (non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust) and the concept that those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.  

Ninth Grade

We introduce students to locations in Israel that they may visit on the Confirmation Class Trip, while including historical context, Hebrew vocabulary, food and current events to better their understanding of life in Israel.  

Tenth Grade/Confirmation Year

We prepare for Confirmation, an affirmation of commitment to the Jewish people. We discuss the importance of an Ethical Will and the concept that ethics is the basis of Judaism. We learn to focus on God, Torah, Israel and prayer from a more mature and in-depth perspective.  

Eleventh Grade

We encourage our maturing students to formulate their own path to active participation in their Jewish journey. We provide students with access to and instruction for using Jewish text for future learning. We build our classroom discussions around student-driven topics, so as to meet our teens’ interests and curiosity.  

Twelfth Grade/Graduation Year

We guide our students in establishing their own Jewish identity as they make preparations for post-high school experiences. We provide a safe environment to discuss challenging questions about Judaism and life in general. We assist our high school seniors in preparing to lead a memorable and meaningful graduation service.