Carl Viniar & Jack Weinberg, Co-Chairs

The Committee hosts a major scholar-in-residence/artist-in-residence weekend once every two years. Our activities are underwritten by the Helen & Leon Weinberg Scholar-in-Residence Endowment Fund managed by the Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. We use those funds as well as any proceeds we take in from ticket sales. We try to help underwrite other worthwhile synagogue programs that fall within the parameters and guidelines of our mission. We also have been donating a portion of our proceeds to the Religious School Scholarship Fund since its inception.

Helen and Leon Weinberg, devoted parents and grandparents, believed very strongly in the importance of education and of improving oneself through lifelong learning. Although they were deprived of the luxury of pursuing a college education due to the economic demands of their Depression-era family obligations, Helen and Leon both enjoyed learning and participating in numerous educational programs, both Judaic and secular, throughout their lives. They passed on to their children and grandchildren the love of learning and the wisdom to be gained through life-long education. Helen and Leon were very generous and gracious people who always believed in an open-door policy with regard to their home.

The Helen and Leon Weinberg Scholar-in-Residence Endowment Fund has been established by their children and their spouses to promote both of these admirable traits of the pursuit of education and hospitality. By helping to underwrite the costs of the Scholar-in-Residence Program, the Endowment Fund can foster educational programs for the synagogue and enable as many people as possible to participate in these worthwhile endeavors. The Endowment Fund is proud to assist the Religious School Scholarship Fund. Educating our children about their Jewish heritage is an important value treasured by Helen and Leon.

Following is a list of the scholars and artists the Endowment Fund has sponsored since its inception in 1999:
2000 – Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin
2001 – Rabbi Shawn Israel Zevit
2002 – Rabbi David Saperstein
2004 – Rabbi Karyn D. Kedar
2006 – Rabbi Gary P. Zola
2008 – Prof. Jonathan Karp, Ph.D.
2010 – Beth Schafer
2012 – Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro
2014 – Joshua Nelson, the Prince of Kosher Gospel
2016 – Rabbi Lawrence Kushner
2018 – Rabbi Ken Cantor
2020/2021 – Rabbi Mark Novak & Renée Brachfeld
2022 – Alden Solovy

Our next Weekend will be scheduled for Spring 2024.

In addition, we created a Shabbat Speaker Series during 2021 and 2022. While that activity could be coordinated by the Adult Education Committee, the Fund can assist with underwriting such worthwhile programs in the future.

The Committee does not meet monthly in the “off year,” but will pick up as we begin to plan for the next Weekend. If you want to participate in the planning or have idea for future scholars, please contact us through the synagogue office at 856-489-0029.